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Top Ten Do’s and Don’ts of Gestational Diabetes

Often women without any previous history of diabetes experience high blood sugar levels during pregnancy, particularly in the third trimester. This phase is clinically termed Gestational Diabetes or Gestational Diabetes Mellitus. Do’s of Gestational Diabetes Check Blood Sugar at Regular Intervals Follow a Gestational Diabetes-Friendly Diet Never Skip Carbohydrates Regular Follow Up Visits With Your Doctor Don’tsContinue reading “Top Ten Do’s and Don’ts of Gestational Diabetes”

Sesame Seeds for Diabetes

How do sesame seeds help in managing sugar levels? Sesame seeds have the following properties which make them suitable for people with diabetes- Low Carbohydrate ContentSesame seeds are known to reduce blood sugar levels. They are known to have a low carbohydrate content which makes them an ideal choice for diabetics. High in FibreDue toContinue reading “Sesame Seeds for Diabetes”

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