What are Glucometer lancets? How do they work?

Blood sugar testing is important for those who suffer from a chronic condition known as diabetes. It helps a diabetic person in knowing whether his sugar reading falls under the high, low, or controlled range.
If his sugar reading is too high, it can cause a condition known as Hyperglycemia. If his sugar reading is too low, it can cause a condition known as Hypoglycemia. Both the conditions can prove to be detrimental to his health if the right precautions are not taken at the right time.

For the purpose of monitoring sugar levels, a drop of blood is taken for testing. It is drawn with the help of a glucometer lancet. A lancet is generic in design and is usually compatible with all kinds of glucometers/ blood sugar monitoring machines.

A glucometer lancet is a small medical tool which is used for capillary blood sampling. It is used to make a puncture to obtain a small blood sample which is further analysed to take a sugar reading. It is recommended that a lancet should not be used more than once to avoid infections. If a lancet is used more than once, the needle will become dull and it will cause more pain and bleeding.

We recommend that you look for lancets that have a small needle size for the purpose of easy use and disposal.

Man in White Crew Neck Shirt Holding White Plastic Tool

Process of taking a blood sugar reading

A glucometer lancet has a double sided needle which is used to prick a finger and draw out a drop of blood. This drop of blood is then put on a test strip which is inserted in a blood sugar monitoring machine. The glucometer then gives quick and accurate results and helps you gauge whether your sugar reading falls under the low, high or controlled range.

Both the lancet and the test strip should be disposed of in the correct manner as they both are prone to infections.

For the purpose of storage, they should be kept in an airtight container and should be kept away from direct heat and sunlight. Both lancets and test strips are sensitive to the environment that they are kept in, therefore, we should ensure a proper storage and disposal for them.

In order to ensure the best possible diabetes management, it is important that a diabetic person has all the required and thorough information about the products that he is using for the purpose of monitoring his blood sugar levels. A person should use the best available products and the monitoring should be done in the correct manner if a person wants to get the most accurate reading.

Ways to keep your sugar levels under control

To keep your sugar readings under control, you need to make changes to your daily diet and exercise routine. We have listed a few ways below that can help you in maintaining your sugar levels-

  • Increase your protein and fibre intake
  • Stay hydrated
  • Have a regular exercise routine.
  • Keep your stress levels under control.
  • Monitor your sugar levels on a regular basis.
  • Do not consume foods that are oily or high in sugar content.
  • Replace sugar beverages with herbal teas and infused water.
  • Regularly consult your doctor/ endocrinologist.

A diabetic person must ensure that he/she is able to detect and manage his/her diabetic condition at the right time and in the right manner. Steps should be taken to avoid the condition from aggravating and further health complications should be avoided.

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